23 January 2012

Art In The Park at Eastham Country Park

Stephen Sheehan

Retired Boulders
The boulders you see were part of a solid, man-made foundation that supported a factory in Birkenhead.

After the factory was demolished the boulders were tossed aside and discarded.
By placing these boulders in a public area to be viewed and admired I am prolonging their lives, giving them an extra purpose than their creator initially designed them for.

This sculpture relates to issues of redundancy and retirement within our environment. While we are working we seem to have some part to play in the overall workings of our existence.Though, when we stop or are deemed to have no use in society we are quickly discarded and forgotten. I want to change the fortune of these boulders.

Steve positions the art work

The art work, complete with information explaining what it signifies