21 July 2011

National Dog Awarness Week at Eastham Country Park

Monday 25th  to Sunday 31st July, is National Dog Awareness Week and to launch the event in Wirral, Councillor Brian Kenny, cabinet member for the Environment  and Councillor Chris Meaden, cabinet member for Culture, Tourism and Leisure came to Eastham Country Park to meet The Rangers and Wirral's Community Patrol Officers, who were on hand to give out advice on responsible dog ownership in the park as well as giving away free pooper bags to dog owners visiting the park.

Councillor Brian Kenny and Councillor Chris Meaden, show the responsible way to deal with dog waste at Eastham Country Park.
(bag it, bin it, you know it makes sense)

Love your park week

As part of a national drive to encourage people into their local parks, Monday 25th to Sunday 31st July has been designated as Love your parks week. To launch the week in Wirral, Councillor Chris Meaden joined Friends of Eastham Country Park and the Eastham Rangers to start the week off with a Bat Box Building Event in the Courtyard of the parks Visitor Centre.

Left to Right
Lynn Williams (friends of eastham country park) James Locke (senior ranger) Young William, making his Bat Box, Councillor Chris Meaden, Alan Creevey (wirral press office)

17 July 2011

Snakes Alive at Eastham Country Park

Wirral Herpetological Society have an open day in the Visitor Centre at Eastham Country Park. Members of the society brought Pythons, Boa Constrictors, Corn Snakes and many other amazing species along to the park. There were also many different species of owls on show including the fabulous European Eagle Owl, a Snowy Owl, a Barn Owl, a Tawny Owl and a Little Owl. If snakes and owls were not your thing then there were also many other reptiles on show including Dragon Lizards, Spiders and Tortoises. The visitor Centre was jammed to the gunnels’ with eger children who had brought their reluctant parents along to try to encourage them to hold a lizard, spider or even a snake!

14 July 2011

Site Visit

Senior Ranger James Locke, introduces the  recently appointed head of parks & countryside Mary Bagley and the new cabinet member for Leisure, Tourism and Culture, Councillor Chris Meaden to Eastham Country Park.

left to right - Cllr Chris Meaden, Area Parks Manager kevin Callaghan, Senior Ranger James Locke, Head of Parks and Countryside Mary Bagley

11 July 2011

Timberland Volunteers at Eastham Country Park

Conservation Volunteers from the Timberland shop at Cheshire Oaks, install a new noticeboard at the Riverview Rd access to the park. The lads have been coming to the park on a Monday to help the Rangers with conservation work since mid May. Over this period they have assisted in a wide variety of tasks to both conserve and improve the park.