31 May 2013

Eastham Country Park

Joining Leaflet

If you would like more information about the work of the friends group, phone
 0151 327 1007 or
e-mail jameslocke@wirral.gov.uk
If you would like to join, you can fill out the joining section on the leaflet.

5 May 2013

Spring / Summer in the Woods

Late spring early summer at Eastham Woods is a very special time. It is the time when many of the wild flowers that thrive in the ancient woodland come into flower. For about eight weeks, between late March and mid May, Just before the trees burst into leaf and shade out the woodland floor.
This is the time when we see some of the most spectacular displays of wild flowers:  flowers such as Daffodils (though to find wild native daffodils these days is becoming quite rare)  lesser Celandine and Snow Drops which can be seen quite early on in Spring, but it is the Blue Bells and the Wood Anemone that  create the wow factor as we
stroll through the woodland.

Eastham Woods is one of the last remaining ancient woodlands left on the Wirral, but there was a time when most of the peninsular would have been developed as a woodland for Aristocrats. Men such as Hugh Lupus who was a Councillor to William The Conqueror, who made him
1st Earl of Chester. The woodlands would have been ideal places to hunt Deer or Wild Boar. They are just as important to us today as they were to the previous generations. In fact they are probably more important today in an age of heavy industry and mass house building as they act a a lung, filtering the very air that we breath.