22 October 2015

Eastham Country Park basks in an autumnal glow

Shards of sunlight bathe the woodland floor in an autumnal glow

11 October 2015

Wirral Wildlife's Apple Day at Eastham Country Park

Wirral Wildlife hold there annual apple day at E.C.P accompanied by the Mersey Morris Men

This year there were 23 different types of English Apples available to be sampled

Cake and pies (apple of course) for sale on the day
The Mersey Morris Men in the Court yard
 Eastham Country Park

12 June 2015

 Eastham Country Park

Two butterfly's seen 
 Eastham Country Park this week.
 Top a Peacock Butterly and bottom a Speckled Wood Butterfly

26 March 2015

The New Ampitheatre
In the Dog Free Childrens Play Area
 Eastham Country Park

birds in the garden

A robin in the garden at Eastham Country Park.

Robin in the wildlife garden at Eastham Country Park

24 March 2015

Apprentices Cheryl & Lucy
 Plant a Whitebeam
 Eastham Country Park

22 March 2015

The Egg Run

 The Egg Run April 2015
After another successful Egg Run in aid of St John's Hospice at Clatterbridge, hundreds of thirsty bikers and their allies make their way to the Tap at Eastham Country Park, where they treat themselves to a well earned LEMONADE

For some it's just time to chill out in the Court Yard at Eastham Country Park before re-joining the melee that is taking place on the road outside.

9 March 2015

The Wildlife Garden at Eastham Country Park

Frogs have spawned in early March this year, 

An early morning visitor to the wildlife garden

A pair of Bullfinches visit the garden