29 May 2012

Wildlife Garden Gets A New Pond

Phil and Joe build a new pond in the wildlife garden at Eastham Country Park.
Phil who is the E.C.P Seasonal Ranger works with Joe a student form Chester College. The old pond was drained and the depth increased before an new butyl lining was laid.

17 May 2012

Bluet Tits take up residence for a second year

Blue Tits have once again taken up residence in the bird box close to the wildlife garden at |Eastham Country Park. This year they started to build their nest on Easter Sunday a good three weeks earlier than last year, but it transpired that they were a lot more selective as to the construction of their nest than they were last year. It took them three weeks to build this years nest, which funnily enough put them to within a day of last year.
We now have the nest with 7 eggs just waiting to be incubated and then hatched out.

Watch this space for further developments.