9 November 2014

3 September 2014

jew's ear fungus frequently found growing on dead or dying elder this is a truly amazing fungus it actually feels like a cold wet ear it gets its name because apparently after judas had betrayed christ he hung himself from an elder tree

20 June 2014

Volunteers install new steel pic-nic tables at Eastham Country Park

New pic-nic tables at
Eastham Country Park

Lucy and Mark install two new all steel pic-nic tables on the amenity field at Eastham Country Park.
The new steel tables replace the two wooden tables that unfortunately were set on fire by yobs.
The new tables have an elongated end, to accommodate a wheel chair

12 June 2014

Volunteers at Eastham Country Park

 Eastham Country Park

Richie and Mark, help build a new fence just off the main footpath that runs through the woodland. The fence will help to protect rare native British Bluebells and Wood Anemones from being trodden on.

31 May 2014


Not the best photo n the world, but you get the picture!

13 May 2014

Intrepid walkers join the rangers for a walk from Dibbinsdale local nature reserve to eastham country park and then back again.

18 March 2014

Brambling on the feeder in the wild life garden at Eastham Country Park.

20 February 2014

Josh demonstrates
The undercut method, whilst pruning an overgrown laurel.

5 February 2014

New signs and interpretive panels go in at Eastham Country Park

Duke of Edinburgh`s Award at Eastham Country Park

Molly and Charlotte
 D of E
 Service at Eastham Country Park

Giving Victor the Scarecrow his yearly makeover.
Victor said " The girls have done me proud, I haven't felt this good in ages"

24 January 2014

Thursday Task Day at Eastham Country Park

Thursday Conservation Volunteers (left to right) Josh and Garry join Countryside Apprentice Cheryl to install one of the 12 new way marker sign in the woods at Eastham Country Park.