29 November 2012

The Old Forge at Eastham Country Park

For the first time in many years the old forge
 in the Court yard at Eastham Country Park 
is working again
Thanks to an enthusiastic armature blacksmith. 
You can see the blacksmith working iron and steel most Sundays 
in the Visitor Centre Court Yard.

7 November 2012

Autumn in the Woodland

This photograph of the Beech Wood at Eastham Country Park 
was sent in by Stephen Grimes a former resident of Eastham.

9 October 2012

Timberland at Eastham Country Park

It really was a case of Timber...Land
as Carl, Gareth, Craig and Ben  from Timberland at Cheshire Oaks
joined the Ranger for a volunteer task day at Eastham Country Park.
The team spent the day cutting back trees that were overhanging the perimeter path within the woodland.

5 October 2012

Fungi of the Woodland at Eastham Country Park

Flayer Garrick
This is one of the most iconic fungi to be found in this country, its is also quite poisonous, hence its striking colours, which in nature means ...Stay Away, I'm not for eating. 
There are three areas in the woodland where Flayer Garrick can be found, unfortunately, though we have made extensive searches of the area, we have been unable to find the "caterpillar with it's bong!!!"

13 August 2012

Friends raise the Green Flag at Eastham Country Park

Friends of Eastham Country Park
Raise the flag to celebrate the park retaining the prestigious award for another year.

12 August 2012

Snakes in the Park

A family meet a 9yr old Burmese Python that is 10 foot long and will grow another 10 ft over the next ten years

Keiran with his Northern Pine Snake

Mum leads the way and shows daughter how it's done.

28 June 2012

Orchids at Eastham Country Park

Bee Orchid at Eastham Country Park
Orchids at Eastham Country Park
Although the park is generally associated with it's vast and ancient woodland there are many other aspects to it, including many different species of wild flowers.

Marsh Orchid at Eastham Country Park

Heath Orchid at Eastham Country Park

21 June 2012

Friends plant Queens Diamond Jubilee Tree at Eastham Country Park

Friends of Eastham Country Park & The Wirral Society
buy a beautiful copper beech for Eastham Country Park, to mark the occasion of 
The Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Hopefully, the tree could quite easily still be around three hundred years from now!

29 May 2012

Wildlife Garden Gets A New Pond

Phil and Joe build a new pond in the wildlife garden at Eastham Country Park.
Phil who is the E.C.P Seasonal Ranger works with Joe a student form Chester College. The old pond was drained and the depth increased before an new butyl lining was laid.

17 May 2012

Bluet Tits take up residence for a second year

Blue Tits have once again taken up residence in the bird box close to the wildlife garden at |Eastham Country Park. This year they started to build their nest on Easter Sunday a good three weeks earlier than last year, but it transpired that they were a lot more selective as to the construction of their nest than they were last year. It took them three weeks to build this years nest, which funnily enough put them to within a day of last year.
We now have the nest with 7 eggs just waiting to be incubated and then hatched out.

Watch this space for further developments.

22 April 2012

Sulphur Shelf Fungi
Growing on a large oak tree in the Dog Free Childrens Play Area
This is one of the most amazing fungi to be found in the woodland at this time of the year.
Always remember the golden rule when dealing with fungi-don't touch it and don't eat it

7 April 2012

Squirrel Proof????

Is it really SQUIRREL PROOF???????

 The wildlife garden at the Eastham Country Park Visitor Centre
It would seem that nothing is totally squirrel proof and despite every effort you make, there's always one who will out smart you.

21 March 2012

Wednesday Wirral Wheelers

The Wednesday Wirral Wheeler's at Eastham Country Park

 Having already completed 26miles. The Wednesday Wirral Wheeler's  call into the Court Yard 
at Eastham Country Park for a lunch break before setting off on their route. 
If you would like further information about cycling on the Wirral, or you would like to join a cycling group.
contact wirralcycling.org.uk

11 March 2012

Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

Duke of Edinburgh  Award Student
Kieran Richardson
undertakes some maintenance work at the old fountain in the E.C.P Pleasure Garden as part of his Bronze Dof E

31 January 2012

Ladies that Ramble

Eastham Country Park is an ideal place to incorporate into your planned walk. There are miles of public footpaths in the Wirral, some going right through our country parks and some following Wirral's famous coast line. Why not call into any of our visitor centres or libraries and pick up a free Wirral Circular Trail booklet, It's the ideal way to get out and about on the Wirral and at the same time improve your overall health.....Now that can't be bad ..can it?

Ladies that Ramble
Stop for lunch in the Courtyard at Eastham Country Park
before setting off to explore the hi-ways and by-ways of Wirral.

23 January 2012

Art In The Park at Eastham Country Park

Stephen Sheehan

Retired Boulders
The boulders you see were part of a solid, man-made foundation that supported a factory in Birkenhead.

After the factory was demolished the boulders were tossed aside and discarded.
By placing these boulders in a public area to be viewed and admired I am prolonging their lives, giving them an extra purpose than their creator initially designed them for.

This sculpture relates to issues of redundancy and retirement within our environment. While we are working we seem to have some part to play in the overall workings of our existence.Though, when we stop or are deemed to have no use in society we are quickly discarded and forgotten. I want to change the fortune of these boulders.

Steve positions the art work

The art work, complete with information explaining what it signifies

16 January 2012

Weigh Anchor

 Weigh Anchor
At Eastham Country Park

Friends of E.C.P hire a J.C.B and driver to transport an old anchor that has laid half hidden on a path for many years. The anchor was up lifted then taken to a new central location on the pier at Eastham Country Park.
It weighed over a ton and was delicately moved by the J.C.B along the paths of the country park before finally reaching its new location.
Secretary of the Friends of Eastham Country Park: Andrew Town said "We have talked about moving the anchor to a new, more prominent position for a long time and finally to actually see it in its new location is very gratifying indeed"

The anchor on the move: being taken from half hidden obscurity to a new more prominent location

Steady as she goes

Drop anchor: hopefully  for the last time

15 January 2012

The crew from Heswall Day Centre
In their new hi-vis jackets go on a litter clearing sortie at Eastham Country Park