9 October 2012

Timberland at Eastham Country Park

It really was a case of Timber...Land
as Carl, Gareth, Craig and Ben  from Timberland at Cheshire Oaks
joined the Ranger for a volunteer task day at Eastham Country Park.
The team spent the day cutting back trees that were overhanging the perimeter path within the woodland.

5 October 2012

Fungi of the Woodland at Eastham Country Park

Flayer Garrick
This is one of the most iconic fungi to be found in this country, its is also quite poisonous, hence its striking colours, which in nature means ...Stay Away, I'm not for eating. 
There are three areas in the woodland where Flayer Garrick can be found, unfortunately, though we have made extensive searches of the area, we have been unable to find the "caterpillar with it's bong!!!"