8 June 2011

Green Flag Judging Day

Wednesday 8th June was Eastham Country Park's Green Flag Judging Day.
The two judges arrived on schedule at 11am. One from Sheffield and one from Warrington, along with Christine Smyth, Wirral's Bio-diversity Officer and Lynn Williams of the Friends of E.C.P.  The group were given a tour of the park by James Locke the Senior Ranger and Phillip Starkey the Parks Seasonal Ranger.
On completion of the tour the two judges will confer and award the park points on set down criteria.
The points will then be added up and if the score reaches the required percentage then the park is awarded the prestigious Green Flag status for another year.
Eastham Country Park has won G.F for the past two years and hopefully this year will be no exception, but we will have to wait until mid July before we find out if the bid has been successful or not, so there will be an anxious month ahead for the Rangers at E.C.P

Picture below shows the group at the end of the tour looking at the plaque on the Old Pier at Eastham Ferry
Christine Smythe, Lynn Williams, G.F Judge, James Locke, Clare Fallon G.F.J