16 January 2012

Weigh Anchor

 Weigh Anchor
At Eastham Country Park

Friends of E.C.P hire a J.C.B and driver to transport an old anchor that has laid half hidden on a path for many years. The anchor was up lifted then taken to a new central location on the pier at Eastham Country Park.
It weighed over a ton and was delicately moved by the J.C.B along the paths of the country park before finally reaching its new location.
Secretary of the Friends of Eastham Country Park: Andrew Town said "We have talked about moving the anchor to a new, more prominent position for a long time and finally to actually see it in its new location is very gratifying indeed"

The anchor on the move: being taken from half hidden obscurity to a new more prominent location

Steady as she goes

Drop anchor: hopefully  for the last time